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More Recommended Ways To Promote Your Website

“Submit your site to search engines!”

“Bid at pay-per-click search engines!”

“Publish a newsletter!”

These are the common website promotion cries. Indeed, my own website promotion site states just that. There are other ways to promote your site, however, that may well suit you and your website better!

For instance, visiting newsgroups and joining discussion lists; setting up joint ventures; affiliate marketing; or using online auctions – all of these provide sensible, doable means to promote your site.

Many well-visited sites are promoted each and every day, and promoting little and often is really the key in the long run. Website promotion is never over. I know it’s dull to say, but it’s true!


I recently developed a FREE 7-day email course. It covers the basics of website promotion (as you’d expect), but it also provides new ideas, AND suggests a daily promotion schedule. The email course covers topics like:

* Post a newsgroup discussion

* Swap links with other sites

* Write a testimonial

* Be an expert, have an opinion

* Start a joint venture

As I said, some familiar ground is covered, but there are loads of other website promotion ideas too. I recommend that you click the link and get day 1 of the course (but then I would, wouldn’t I?) mailto:promote_site_every_day@g…


Or, if you’re fed up with email courses and just want to visit some websites, you could try these out:

* HitsNClicks – UK subscription based online marketing resource.

* Start Blaze – Drive traffic to your site using your Home page

* Internet News Bureau – Distribute your news release for free

* Affiliate Programs Guide – Use them to build traffic

* Make Your Net Auctions Sell! – Drive traffic to your website!

* The Free Site – Promote that Freebie resource here!


There is always more to read about website promotion. And Web Developers Journal has an excellent guide that steers you away from confusion and information overload:


Unfortunately, website promotion is never over!

So it is important that you concentrate on those website promotion methods that work best for you, and ‘just do it’ (to coin a random phrase). Don’t stop promoting, do keep a record of your efforts, and never forget the basics. (And try and enjoy yourself, eh?)

STEVE M NASH is the author of the ebook: “3 Super-Tips To
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