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Scientific Advertising Will help Turn Gambles Into Profits

Advertising is one of the key factors to running a successful business. Most people assume that advertising is a gamble. Either a certain method will work or it won’t.

People do not realize that by testing your advertising campaigns, you can actually turn this gamble into a science!

When you learn the correct procedures to successful advertising, you will be able to control the risks.

Testing is the key to success. I can hear all the moans and groans from you folks, “I don’t have time to test” or “it is too hard and complicated.”

By simply testing your advertisements, you could possible DOUBLE or TRIPLE your profits overnight! Do you have time to do that? Is that too hard and complicated for you?”

You need to track where the responses to your ads are coming from. If you take out the same ad in two different magazines and use the same URL or the same email address, how will you be able to tell which ad produced the greater response?

The first magazine could have pulled 98% of the response that you received, while the second magazine may have only pulled the remaining 2%. How would you know this if you do not test?

When testing which places work best for your ads, you should use unique email addresses and URLS. You can write your URL like this:

It will still take the advertiser to the main site, but when you check your server logs, you will be able to see how many hits “ad1” actually received.

Testing will help you decide how best to allocate your money. Learn which ad mediums work best for your product or service and then spend your money in those mediums.

There are numerous things that you should test in your ad. The first and most important thing to test in your ad is the headline. Your headline will almost single-handedly decide whether the potential customer will continue to read your ad and ultimately purchase your product or service.

If you can test which headline works the best, you will be able to get possibly thousands of more people to actually read the entire advertisement.

Your headline should scream the benefits that your product or service will provide the potential customer. For example, if you are selling a foot massage machine, then tell your readers the benefit in the headline:

“Discover How To Reduce Sore Feet With Our Revolutionary Foot Massage Master!”

The headline is the key aspect of your entire ad. You should spend countless hours trying to create and improve the headline. If you do not get the potential customer’s attention with your headline, kiss the sale goodbye.

The second step is to test the body of your advertisement. You should use the same headline, but with different bodies. It will be just a matter of time before you discover what is the most profitable content to use.

The third step is to test your price. All customers are price sensitive and if you cannot convince them that your product or service is not worth the price, you will not make the sale.

One of the biggest misconceptions is that advertisers believe that the lower the price they offer, the more sales they will receive. This cannot be further from the truth! If potential customers perceive that the price of your product is a lot lower than they had expected, they might think your product is of poor quality or a scam.

One of the best resources on determining what the optimal price for your product or service should be is Ken Evoy’s book “Make Your Price Sell.”

Other things that you should considers testing are your web site layout, order processing, colour schemes, long copy vs. short copy and many other items you feel could affect your ad.
Once you get the results back from your testing, you will get you advertising right down to an exact science.

I highly recommend downloading Claude Hopkins’ ebook “Scientific Advertising” to help you fully understand this topic.

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Good luck and happy testing!

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