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17 Seconds to Book Promotion

1. Not withstanding, there is a huge amount of quality information on the Internet, much of it free, and also lots to exchange our energy in the form of dollars for someone else’s energy in the form of product or service, on how to sell and market our books.

2. A good deal of that information, basically tells us the same thing. This is what we MUST and SHOULD do, to successfully market anything on the Internet including books and writing ventures.

3. Information is what we are buying and selling . We are dancing across one anothers mind in communication of this via the wonder of the Internet. We are wanting to market entertainment, imagination, knowledge and experience and fun and love and affection ! We not only want to market this, we also want to be the recipient of it.

4. We are told, we need to build a huge data base to keep reminding folks of what we are offering. Yes, you can do it that way, and many succeed doing it that way. But for the love of what I do, I don’t want to have to do that. I don’t want to have to figure out a way to collect all those addresses, and then as we are told, I have to remind you at least 7 times so you will remember who I am just in case you want my stuff !

That takes me from my joy and love for what I do….writing ! Who made up that rule ?? Who says? If I want something of yours, you don’t need to tell me 7 times. I trust that I have been clear in my intentions for my life, and if I am to have what you are producing, then I will have it. Did and done ! It works that way for everyone, not just me . However, when we begin to “see” this, we can then use it as tool for the design of our lives and livelihood, including the sale of our writings and the many venues offered to do so.

5. What limited thinking is telling us, is that, we are limited to what we can do with our database, if in fact we even have one. And we need at least 10,000 names, to come out on top.

6. I’m sorry…..but I trust YOU, to know what you want. I also Trust the Universe, the Cosmic Flow of my own life. I don’t need a limited data base of 10,000 or 60,000, when I have the built in natural database of the billions of Internet users. The Earth is my C Drive ! I don’t have to remember anything or remind you !

7. I know that as I state CLEARLY my intentions for my writing/publishing/ livelihood, the Energy within that takes care of itself.

8. As a consumer if you have a book that I want, and I know you may only tell me once about it, which is all I do in some cases; I simply tell folks, this is the one and only note your gonna get on this.’ I trust me and I trust you, and I trust them, to make note of something wanted.

I also trust that if I forget to write it down or lost the scratch paper I wrote it on, it will show up in front of my face from out of the blue. It happens to me all of the time. It happened to me just this morning !

9. That’s how this works ! It works 17 Seconds at a time ! You state an intention, and you get REALLY Clear on what you want. And then don’t change your mind about it happening. The Universe always says yes ! If you desire a successful and prosperous book marketing effort, within your livelihood, then intend so. And don’t change your mind!

10. 17 Seconds of Pure Thought is worth over 2000 actions hours. (Abraham-Hicks) If you simply says yes….I can….and this is what I want, it will happen. Your WILL, will bring it to you ! And you in 17 seconds have done the equivalent of 2000 hours of work/action.

11. If you change your mind, and say this wont work, the Abundant Universe, which always says Yes…..says yes to your doubt as well, and you have canceled your original intention. You are even Steven…..null and void.

12. If you want Book Promotion Success, then State it as an intention. Intentions are like our Swords in the Stone. And 17 Seconds of pure thought carries Powerful Energy in bringing us our intention & desires.

13. So if you think you need a huge database and have to know how to market well, and you don’t love doing that, or feel it is hard, then you send that emotion to the Universe, and it says; yep, its hard, and yep you don’t know how,’ And you won’t get anywhere, because that is what you are emoting. Emotions are Vibrations and Language to the Universe.

14. How do I know this works? Its what I have studied and researched and applied. Its what I write about. Its how I live my life, and design it. Its how I design my Book Promotion ! I have lost weight with this. I have taken emags to print and ebooks, I have developed coaching services, I have all of these extensions of my stuff, that just showed up due to the grace and beauty of how things REALLY work.

15. Its called “User Friendly Physics”……and its the Way things are. We have been taught backwards !Time to fix that !

16. Intend what you know, have pure thought about it, and then follow the bread crumbs, say yes, say yes, say Yes!

17. If something about marketing your book feels too hard, then don’t do it. If you ASK with Clarity , and pure intention what you want to happen with your Books, it will be shown to you. And it will be something that is fun and comfortable for you to do.

18. Or you can follow the 1,2 3 of Internet marketing, and should’ yourself to frustration……

19. Follow your own guidance always……feel your way thru.

20. The Internet is comprised of email, articles, websites, ebooks, services, but bottom line it is all only energy……teach yourself to move it in your favor. Apply it to your livelihood of being an author/writer/publisher.

21. It works!

Author/Consultant Susan James writes of User Friendly
Physics and The Immaculate Physics Applications to our
lives. Covering Millionaires to Weight Loss, Susan writes
from personal application of Maverick Momentum methods.
For more information on award winning books and courses

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