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Should I Say Me or We?

Many of my clients are small businesses or home-based businesses. When we begin writing copy for a web site, brochure, etc. one question never fails to surface. “Should I say ‘Me’ or ‘We’ in my copy?”

One customer typifies the dilemma. She stated, “Karon, I *am* the business. It’s just me. But I don’t want to seem small. I don’t know if people will trust me if they know I’m the only person involved. However, it would be untruthful for me to have you write the copy using ‘we’ because there is no ‘we’.”
So what’s the answer?

It’s Only Me
Let me tell you right up front – there is no shame in being a small or home-based business. There is no reason to believe you have less to offer if you are the sole employee of that business. As a matter of fact, being small has some very distinct advantages (which I’ll cover in detail in next month’s issue of “Business Essentials”).

If your quandary is whether your potential clients will snub you because you’re working solo… don’t worry. Small and home-based businesses are extremely common these days. From personal experience I will tell you that your clients will ask questions about your years of experience, your successes, your references and your ability to complete the job on time. I doubt they will blink an eye if you mention you work alone. In which case, “me” is extremely appropriate.

The Whole Group
With that said, let’s now look at the other side of the coin. Do you plan to grow? With that growth, do you plan to hire others to work for the business?

Do you have partners, advisors or some type of council/board that you work with to gain information and direction? Are you a MLM or affiliate member with a downline?
If you answered “yes” to these questions you would be more likely to include “we” in your advertising copy. You may be the entire make-up of the company at this point, but if you have plans to add employees in the future you can save some time and money by including “we” now.

This will eliminate the need to edit your web site copy, reprint your brochures or change your sales letters in the future.

If you work alone but have advisors or associates who you consult, including “we” is also the way to go. On this page, you’ll notice that I provide information about myself and also explained who the “associates” are. This helps customers get a firm grasp on who you are and how you do business.

None of the Above
There is one last option. Say neither. Your copy could be written in a way so that only the business name is mentioned. For example, “ABC Company offers 14K gold and diamond bracelets at 50% off suggested retail. Shop around. You will not find a more extensive collection of fine jewelry at such reasonable prices. However, ABC is more than willing to beat the competition on cost – even on sale items. Visit today.”

By writing using only the company’s name, the dilemma of me or we is eliminated all together.

Whichever you choose, be consistent. Using “me” on your web site, “we” in your brochure and only the company name in your sales letters will cause some confusion. Choose one and stick with it throughout all your copy. Doing so will help create a flow in all the elements of your campaign.

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