Friday, June 21, 2024

The High Profit Magic Bullet!

One of the greatest secrets to instantly increasing your online sales is the proper use of Magic Bullets. In fact, by just using a few on my website, I was able to quadruple my weekly income. And it’s something that I’m strongly convinced anyone can apply to their own sales page to quickly double or triple their online income immediately.

So, what’s a Magic Bullet?

The short answer is a list of bulleted benefits for the product. But the real secret of using them for high profits is in the design of each bullet.

More on setting up your own bullets in a moment, but I want you to understand the profitability and importance of using high impact Magic Bullets on your own website.

First, most won’t read your sales letter word for word. Magic Bullets let a visitor scan the benefits at a quick glance. They can see instantly what they’re getting with their purchase and how it will benefit them.

Second, strongly written Magic Bullets can sell your product without a lick of additional copy. That’s right. No P.S., no guarantee. I’ve bought online products solely for the reason that the outlined Magic Bullets promised me something that I was willing to pay for.

So, how do you design effective high profit Magic Bullets?

Start by outlining every single benefit your product offers. Make sure you look at it from the perspective of how your product would benefit a prospective client.

Now go through each benefit and rewrite it so that it creates excitement. You know, instead of writing “Learn how to make money online”, write “The Secret That Can Make Thousands Online.”

Lay them out in easy to read bullets. Write a ton of them. Explain every last benefit your reader will get with your product and do it in an exciting specific way. Sometimes I’ll read three benefits and I’m ready to make a purchase. Really, sometimes that’s all it takes.

So will it work for you? Yes, if done properly you should see a steady stream of online profits from your work. Spend the time to invest in this strong sales tool. Rework your Magic Bullets until you create a short, specific, exciting benefit. Then do it again and again for each of your benefits. Soon, you’ll see the real charm of Magic Bullets, and that magic is huge profits for you.

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