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The Infamous ‘Pop Under’

I’m sure you’ve all seen’s ‘pop-under’ ad on just about every website imaginable. It has been one of the most successful marketing campaigns in the short history of the Internet, mainly because it’s a new form of impression on the potential customer. No one expects a ‘pop-under’ window.

As annoying as this advertising technique will become, it’s important to realize the design value of a ‘pop-under’ window. For instance, you could utilize a ‘pop-under’ window for website reminders. You could keep visitors informed on upcoming events, updates, and tons more. It doesn’t have to be marketing based at

The code for making a ‘pop-under’ isn’t difficult at all, either. It’s simple javascript that manipulates the focus of two windows. Here’s an example:

<script language=”JavaScript”>
function popunder() {
pu =“url”, “target”);

Ok, we’re simply constructing a function that will

1) open a window and blur it (send it to the back in the case of a window) and

2) focusing the current window (bring it to the front).

You would replace url with the URL of the window, and target with your desired target window name. It’s a good idea to use the target paramater. If not, you could end up with way too many ‘pop-under’ windows!

Keep in mind that you can use any javascript parameters you’d like for this ‘pop-under’ window. Size, position, address bar, anything. It’s fully customizable.

Now, to call this javascript from your page, you have a couple of different options. You could set the ‘pop-under’ to automatically load when your initial page loads:

<body bgcolor=”#FFFFFF” onLoad=”javascript:popunder()”>

Use the onLoad command to automatically load the ‘pop-under’.

<a href=”link.html” onClick=”javascript:popunder()”>

The onClick command will allow you to open a link while opening the ‘pop-under’.

Now that you can do ‘pop-under’ windows, try to find interesting ways to use them. X10 took a good idea and made it work from a marketing standpoint. Now you should take their idea and make it work for you creatively.

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