Monday, June 17, 2024

The “Lipstick” Sales Factor…

Lipstick sales are Red-Hot according to the Wall Street Journal and this affects you, your company and your sales.

Whoa, there… How can this be? I don’t sell lipstick?

Well, neither do I, but the fact is that the “Lipstick Sales Factor” applies to all of us no matter what we are selling. You see the reason lipstick sales are off the charts right now is because ladies are looking to feel better about themselves and life. This desire is not unique to women, it applies to us men too. Which means it applies to every one of your customers.

We all like to feel good and are constantly looking for a little pick-me-up in life. Even during a recession folks will spend money on any product that brightens their life, improves their condition or lightens their load. This might be a small thing like lipstick for the gals or some chow for us guys, but it also applies to any size or price product if it makes us feel good.

In fact due to our independent natures, we tend to look for a reason to indulge ourselves. We aren’t about to let problems disrupt our lives and rob us of our pleasures. So the lipstick factor applies to us all and gives us a marketing advantage.

What is it about your product that is fun, makes things easier or improves the quality of life for your customers? What are the pick-me-ups that you are offering? Every product has these components. Show them off in your advertising and marketing efforts and your sales results will get Red-Hot too.

Wanting some fun and to feel better is truly ageless, so be sure to focus on the seniors too.

Oh yes, you probably want an example of this approach. Here you go. A great sales pick-me-up is my book. It’s full of humor, tips, insights, fun memories and even sex appeal (Chapter 14). So order a copy and feel even better saving 25% too.

Gary Onks is the author of “How You Can Reach & Sell the $20 Trillion Senior Marketplace” which is described as: “The ‘Art’ of pleasing senior customers”~ Washington Times “A ‘Breath of Fresh Air’ in senior marketing”

~ CD Publications Sold On Seniors, Inc. Phone: (540) 785-4438 or 800-416-8785”
Gain Market Share, Show Seniors You Care”

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