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Tips for Better Digital Photography

The digital camera has made it easy for anyone to take many of their own photos. It is a great resource for capturing events, and award presentations, new staff, speakers and conferences — great additions to newsletters, web sites and more.

10 tips for pictures that will look great on press:

Rule-of-thumb :: For printing, photos need to be 300 dpi at the size they will be printed.

Resolution Solution :: If you are not familiar with terms like resolution and dpi, the best bet when taking photos for use in printed pieces is to set the camera at the “highest” or “fine” setting – it will be the one that holds the least number of pictures, but captures the greatest detail per shot.

Group Shots :: Indoor group shots get most of their light from the flash, so try to put subjects wearing lighter colored clothing in the back.

Award Photos :: The biggest problem is the glare on glass or the whiteness of oversized presentation checks. Try taking photos from slightly different angles and ask the subjects to angle the award or check slightly down to reduce the glare.

View :: Always try to be on eye level with your subject. Bend down, or stand on a chair if possible.

Focus :: Make sure the center of attention is visible.

Background :: Don’t worry too much about an exit sign in the corner, but try not to position subjects in front of something distracting. Watch out for dark clothes against dark backgrounds or white against white.

Cropping :: Leave enough space around the subject for flexibility later.

Settings :: Most cameras have different settings for different situations. Using “portrait” for faces or “macro” for close-ups makes a huge difference in having clear and focused photos.

Editing :: If you are working with a designer, let them handle the cropping, color adjustments and file formatting. It will save you both time and money as well as increase the quality of the finished product.

Beth Brodovsky is the president and principal of Iris Creative Group, LLC. Brodovsky earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Communication Design from Pratt Institute, New York. Before launching her own firm in 1996, she spent eight years as a corporate Art Director and Graphic Designer, providing a sound foundation in management and organizational standards and structure. Iris Creative specializes in providing marketing and strategic communication services to clients in service industries and small businesses. For more information contact Beth at or 610-567-2799.

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