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What Network Marketers Don’t Tell You!

Network Marketing. You either love it or you hate it. There’s no in between.

I tried it off and on over the years and I always ended up running into a brick wall.


Because what the “Heavy Hitters” do is vastly different from what they teach. Are they trying to lie to you? Mislead you? Maybe some are, but maybe they’re just repeating what their sponsors told them. So let’s forget the scripts. In the words of Pinkl Floyd, I want to “Tear Down The Wall!”

Rule # 1 Network Marketing is a business!

Forget about “Getting Rich Quick!” If you’re looking to “Get Rich Quick,” you better take some heavy risks or be awful lucky, because this business like any other business takes time and hard work. No way around it.

Rule # 2 You must make a 1 year commitment!

Patience is the key. It takes about 1 year before true “Geometric Progression” begins to take place. It’s no coincidence that:

* Most network marketers quit within the first year.

* Most network marketers fail.

* Network marketers that stick it out for a year or more, usually end up becoming the new “Heavy Hitters.”

Rule # 3

Build your downline wide fast! Make a commitment to recruit a new member into your first level on a daily basis. There are two major resons for doing this.

A. Momentum is a key factor in keeping you dedicated to your efforts.

B. Only about 5% of your frontline members will contribute to building your downline.

Rule # 4

The majority of your time should be spent recruiting.This fits in with Rule #3. Most programs tell you to spend your time training your downline to duplicate your efforts.

Quess What?

We’re all unique.

* Some network marketers build downlines mailing postcards.

* Some are strong in getting top search engine placement

* I enjoy using classifieds and email.

You can’t force your downline to be you, you can only help them build their own system. You’ll also get a major headache trying to work with the 95% that aren’t going to do anything. Offer your help and those that are serious will contact you.

Rule # 5

There is no real secret to a large downline! The “Gurus” didn’t build those large downlines. They’re no different than you or I.

Stop The Presses!

If they didn’t build their downline, who did?

Patience + Geometric Progression!

99% of a large downline is built by giving “Geometric Progression” time to do it’s work!

So if you want to be a network marketing “Heavy Hitter,” get out there and start recruiting.

Wishing You Success, John Colanzi

John has been writing on the Internet for 5 years and has a
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