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What Pushes Your Button To Buy?

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out if your sales are zilch or low, the copy on your web page needs revamping! This is when you need to ask “What pushes your button to buy?”

Seems simple enough but you’d be surprised at the number of sites on the web who don’t use this question when they write their sales copy. They blindly assume people can see the benefits – I know, I was guilty of this. Are you?

Now most marketing experts will tell you to list the benefits to your buyer first. Very sound advice, in fact, a no brainer but this still does not open people’s wallets.

Yes, they see the benefits but unless you push a major “purchasing” button, you still won’t have any sales. So what is this major “purchasing” button?

Is it – sales copy that is so exciting the buyer is salivating to order before they ever get to the purchase now button? Possibly for some but mostly those people are newbies not hardened (read that experienced) Internet users. No, for the hardened Internet people you need to give them more of a reason to buy.

And this is where the question “What pushes your button to buy” applies. Because let’s face it, as an entrepreneur with a site on the Internet, YOU are the “hardened” Internet buyer. Think back on the occasions when you opened your wallet. What made you do it?

It couldn’t have been just the product or service at the site because there are thousands of similar products and services all over the Internet. No, something clicked inside your head and opened your wallet. Was it . . .

Yes, okay, trust is essential and the reason Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Sears and other retailers do so well on the Internet but chances are – when you bought from a “niche” entrepreneur – that wasn’t the real reason you purchased their product or service because you didn’t know them from a hole in the wall before you landed on their site.

True, the entrepreneur did satisfy you they were trustworthy through their copy (i.e., contact information, style of writing, an about us page with pictures, etc.) so what else might have made the difference and caused you to open your wallet? Was it . . .

Yeah right then you woke up. This gimmick is so patently apparent and used so often, it’s never going to make a “seasoned” Internet buyer even reach for the credit card in their wallet. It can help in some cases (if the bonuses are actually something the person needs) but most times the person buying is more than likely turned off by the astronomical value placed on them.

You know the ones I mean – buy my product or service for $39.95 and receive 20 bonuses with a value of $100 to $1000 placed on them. Uh huh, sure I really believe the entrepreneur’s bonuses are going to be worth more than their product or service. My “out of there” button gets hit every time I see this technique because I know this entrepreneur is going to bug me with “killer” products via my email for the next 100 years or my death whichever comes first.

Since trust and bonuses are not the major “purchasing” button, what exactly did make the difference and cause the credit card to come out of your wallet?

A Limited Offer
Before you cough, choke or throw up your breakfast, hear me out. I am not talking about the sites which have a java script code which keeps turning the clock to keep the offer going indefinitely – I am talking about a valid limited offer!

One where the entrepreneur has convinced me that if I don’t buy now, I will lose out and **never ever** be able to get his product or service again at such an incredible price. You see, the entrepreneur has made me want to be one of the “chosen few.” And, s/he did it by being up front and honest (trustworthy) about their offer.

They gave me excellent reasons why their price would go up so my credit card came out of my wallet and I bought. I bet you do the same when you come across a product or service you need and the limited offer is valid.

Think this isn’t your button? Then explain why you pick up the phone and dial a 1-800 number when you see limited offers on TV? Or, you rush down to a brick and mortar store when they advertise a limited offer on the radio and in your local newspaper.

So if your sales are less than what you expected, take another look at your copy to make sure you’ve explained all the benefits – then use a valid limited offer to “push your visitor’s buy button.”

Also, it doesn’t hurt to have a 100% life time money-back guarantee with your offer. This shows you are so confident in your product’s quality, the buyer can’t help but be impressed.

Thus, you’ve pushed their final “buy” button.

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