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What To Look For in an MLM Opportunity

There are a lot of MLMs, and everyone’s is the best, right? So, what aspects of an MLM business are the ones that count?

One crucial aspect that many MLMs completely overlook is the actual products the business is selling. That’s one extreme difference between many MLMs and traditional business, yet should it be?

A lot of MLM companies focus very little on their products. Instead, the biggest money maker and focus is placed upon referring new recruits. There is nothing wrong with building a large downline and making money this way, but why not focus on strong products as well that will lead to further commissions resulting from your downline sales force? As well, some who do not recruit well may make more sales from the products your business offers. In a recruit only oriented MLM with poor products, you are only stifling your income potential.

With good products, you also have a better recruiting tool. Instead of always throwing out the typical ads about the money making potential of an MLM, use your products to bring in leads.

Front end sales, on good products, will interest many in joining your downline. If you build a good customer base with what you are actually selling, this can become a good base for leads on joining you in business. If they use, recommend, or believe in the produces first, they will be more likely to be interested in the business for themselves. This will also give you a better reputation and sales record to exhibit to others coming in with interest in the MLM side of the business.

Many businesses focus solely on those new to the Internet and MLM. Others are too complicated or not understood by newbies and are best targeted at those with previous sales experience. However, why not cater to both markets? How much harder would it be to write a different sales page for the MLM newbie? It could still lead to the same system, just offer further explanations, on a separate page, that would bore the experienced marketer but be beneficial to them.

Follow up is crucial to any Internet business, and that traditionally means auto responders. Follow up emails keep the opportunity or product fresh in interested parties’ minds, continually offer the chance to go back to your sales site for another look, and allow you to provide additional information, and personal or downline testimonials.

Another, and again often overlooked aspect of a good MLM opportunity is YOU. No system is so totally automated that it won’t take your personal involvement, or at least cannot be improved by your personal involvement. Sales sites can be compelling. Auto responders keep contact for you automatically. Still, nothing beats a personal story and personal contact. Use your automated tools, but never be afraid of a personal email or phone call if the slightest chance comes up.

MLMs are not all created equal. Don’t fall for the traditional ‘get rich’ hype. Demand to know how a business will work for you, and how you can make it work for yourself. Consider all the aspects and look for those that will give you the best advantage.

Written by Joe Bingham of the NetPlay Marketer

Joe has written many articles, both informational and humorous,
with the intent of helping others gain a better understanding of
Internet marketing concepts. His ‘tell it like it is’ approach has
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