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Will A Press Release Bring Customers To Your Door?

As professional Marketing Consultants we believe that a press release can be your most fruitful and empowering marketing tool. In comparison to other forms of advertising, a press release is relatively inexpensive yet gives you an opportunity to be heard without being blatantly promotional.

In general it is a much more effective and professional way of getting noticed in comparison to almost all other types of promotional literature. If constructed masterfully, your press release can be the difference between being a totally obscure business to a company that shines high above the crowd.

With carefully thought out verbiage and selective promotion to your target audience, you can make your press release count far more than you realize. Many people overlook the merit of a press release thinking that perhaps their business is not newsworthy. If it benefits anyone, it is newsworthy. Any business, product or service can be considered newsworthy if presented in the right manner. Therefore, if you are seeking to increase sales or to merely gain some notice and recognition, the press release plays a vital role in making that happen.

The first thing you gain via a press release is credibility. Have you ever noticed when you listen to the news how your ears perk up when the newscast announcer speaks about a new product or service. You are much more inclined towards paying attention to the newscaster than when seeing it in advertising form. Hence, credibility.

Next and probably most important to your business, a press release gets more attention and response than blatant advertising and therefore without spending thousands of dollars on promotions and advertising, you are making your product or service accessible to millions.

There is a method for writing a good press release so that it appears newsworthy and exceptional without sounding commercial. The following are some good tips to remember when planning to write your press release.

1) The first thing to include in the upper left-hand corner of your press release is the phrase ‘For Immediate Release’ or if there is a time consideration, ‘For Release’ on the date required.
2) Be sure to include contact information just below the immediate release statement. Include the name, phone number, e-mail and web address if applicable of the person who will be providing the media with appropriate information. A company name may not be necessary since editors and media wish to speak with an individual.

Your headline is the next and most important part of your press release. This is what grabs the attention of the reader and probably counts for more than 90% of your press release. If it doesn’t appeal to the reader it will be overlooked. Most importantly, remember the reader only spends a few seconds on the heading and if it doesn’t sound interesting, they are gone in a flash.

How often have you automatically deleted an e-mail because it held no interest when reading the subject line. The same thing holds true for a press release. The headline must be enticing and almost seductive. Don’t be in a hurry when composing your headline but try to come up with something that intrigues. Remember though, if you are making professional claims, be sure you can stand behind your product or service. Most importantly you are writing a press release for the attention of the news media. You are trying to gain attention and customers but with professionalism.

The main section encapsulates your entire narrative description. You can and should include a detailed account of your product or service providing you keep it interesting but try not to drag it on with too many details. Try to keep your press release to one page. Included in this section be sure to involve excerpts or comments that demonstrate the highlights or success of the product or service. Speak of the person involved if it is applicable. Imply what can be gained from visiting the company or online service, yet always remember that this is not a sales presentation but a newsworthy delivery focusing on the benefits to the reader and the media.

Finally, in closing your press release you have one more opportunity to gain the attention of the reader. Think about what your ultimate goal entails. In other words, what do you hope to accomplish by submitting this press release? Your ultimate goal of course is for the media to take an interest in your subject matter, which may lead to an interview or a printing of your story. In any event, one terrific press release is worth its weight in gold.

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