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Will You Attract Investors with Your Business Plan?

The presentation of your business plan might be an intimidating experience as you begin sharing your plan but if your documentation is prepared and presented effectively you will be able to attract potential investors. The following points will help ensure that your plan communicates whatever an investor requires as well as ensuring your business plan is met with huge success.

Fulfilling The Need Before beginning the process of presenting your plan to potential investors, you might want to consider how your particular product, service or business fulfills a need in the marketplace. Although the market might already be flooded with services or products that are similar to yours, this does not have to limit your potential nor does it have to be a deterrent. If you can offer something of incomparable value by providing the same service with more integrity, greater knowledge and expertise the chances of cornering a niche will be far greater. You can make this opportunity work for you!

Differentiate Yourself
If your goal is to successfully persuade investors to back your business, a sound, comprehensive explanation of the ways and means in which your particular product or service stands apart from your competitors is imperative. Clearly define what you will do differently. Demonstrate how you will market your service or product. Explain in detail the methods you plan to employ in an effort to generate a loyal client base. Most importantly, render data that explains why you think you will succeed.

Be sure to complete as much research as possible to determine how your product or service will perform in the marketplace. Learn as much as you can about what you perceive to be the potential outcomes for the product, service or business within your chosen market. Research other companies. Once you’re satisfied with the potential of your product or service, incorporate any major accomplishments you’ve realized thus far. Additionally include what crucial periods you may be facing as you move forward and how you plan to address those situations. When you present your plan to an investor, it is essential that you illustrate how you’ve already handled various obstacles you’ve encountered and how you plan to confront any future hurdles.

The Financial Section Of Your Plan
The financial section of your plan is the one that will receive the most detailed scrutiny and investigation, so be sure to include complete financial statements and projections. A Banker, Investor or Loan Company will carefully review your future forecasts therefore the earning potential of your product or service is the primary key to a successful plan. These are the calculations that will either invite investors or turn them away.

If the plan clearly demonstrates the potential of your product or service, a wise investor will see a return on the money they invest, along with an opportunity to grow a successful business. Be precise and clear as you define and explain your plans for reaching your intended market and be sure to include how long you think it will take you to reach your destination.

Your Presentation Package
Obviously, when you submit your plan to venture capitalists or other financial experts, your presentation must be professionally prepared. Use dynamic language that demonstrates your enthusiasm, experience and knowledge. Highlight your key points and be sure you are prepared to answer any and all questions a potential investor might ask.

All too often a plan is attractively packaged but the content itself remains lacking in information. Your presentation is of the utmost importance in reaching a financier and can mean the difference between attracting the right investor or failing to be heard. Suffice it to say the content of your plan must have more impact than its cover.

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