Monday, June 17, 2024

Write Some Articles!

“But I’m just an affiliate. I haven’t got time.

I shouldn’t have to write articles. I can get all the good content I want from my affiliate programs.”

That’s usually true, but more often than not your visitors are after unique content. Writing your own articles can often be the most powerful marketing weapon you use.

Believe it or not, your visitors actually want to read what you have to say at your site, not what other people have to say. They are looking for independent content that perhaps supports or refutes something they read on another site.

Besides, they may have already read all the articles written by other people you feature at your site elsewhere on the internet.

While it is perfectly reasonable and beneficial to feature “other peoples articles” at your site, you should also feature your own.

Here are 4 reasons why you should write some of your own articles:

1. It is unique content that distinguishes you from about 90% of all other affiliates. That’s the percentage of affiliates not writing articles!

2. People need content. For their web site or for their newsletter people are always in constant need for new, fresh content. This means articles that you write can be featured on other people’s web sites and in other people’s newsletters.

When this happens you get additional visitors back to your site. And these visitors may in turn feature one of your other articles at their site or in their newsletter. Before you know it you are in 50 newsletters and on 100 web sites!

3. Visitors will stay at your web site longer because there are lots of articles to read. This gives you additional opportunities at getting more click throughs to your affiliate programs. You could feature links to your affiliate programs on each page you have articles.

More affiliate click throughs translate into more commissions.

4. You have given your visitors an instant feeling of trust. If you just featured other people’s content then you are just a face in the crowd.

However, when you feature your own content, you immediately ‘stand out’ and people are more inclined to trust you. If people trust you, then they are more inclined to buy from you.

For an affiliate, good content makes a site. Don’t just use other people’s content. Start featuring your own articles. If you keep adding your own new articles on a regular basis then people come back to your site again and again.

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