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Writers Success, Money & P-NutButter

When you ask writers, why do you write? Most all of us say, *because we have to*.

And many say, *oh, and , its not about the money*

Why do we feel we have to separate money from writing? Don’t we know that when we do that, we are keeping money from coming to us through our writing? So we will be forever having to do something else, so that we can then do what we *have* to do, which is write.

Money, just a wonderful tool of this physical existence and we keep trying to push it way. Why? Well, we have been taught that money is synonymous with Greed and Lack.

What is at the core of why many folks don’t want to spend money on advertising? Its not about principle, its about we don’t think we have enough money to advertise. If we had tons of money and thought that advertising would help us in our writing endeavors, you can bet writers would spend the money. Advertisers *deserve* money too !

When *we* collectively say: *Its not about the Money*, THAT IS EXACTLY what it is about. Why don’t we say: *Its not about the peanut butter*. But no, we say, its not about the Money.

It is about Money. We have been taught to have a love/hate relationship with our money, and then we carry it over into our livelihoods which from an energy standpoint negates the very thing we say we want from our writing. Most of us would just love to write and play .

When we do write and play, and understand that as we play in our gifts of writing, Money EASILY shows up. Its the way it works in this wonderful Universe of ours.

I write all day long. I play all day long. Money shows up to greatly enhance my life. It shows up that way because Money is a spiritual tool for many of us in our evolving. And until we begin to appreciate the wonder and power and beauty of money in our individual lives as well as the good it does for Humanity at large, then the more we all make, we will all give of it. Our giving is inherent in our nature.

Money is a Self Worth Issue and a Conditioned Teaching of its place in our lives. And who taught us that? Some other human who had a self worth issue and conditioned teaching over Money.

As someone who loves what I do in my days, that much flows thru my hands and heart in the form of money, I Love Money, and the Spirit Behind Money……so Bring Me more !

It is very Cool when all of that green paper which is a symbol of something we call money, of which others judge in some less than beneficial way, fully supports our love of Play ! And I’ll Take that over struggle and frustration any day, I’ve Been There !

Author/Consultant Susan James writes of User Friendly
Physics and The Immaculate Physics Applications to our
lives. Covering Millionaires to Weight Loss, Susan writes
from personal application of Maverick Momentum methods.
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