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You Don’t Need A Merchant Account …

That’s right, you don’t need one – but if you’re selling your own products or services, you’ll sell much more with one! Think about it … one of the main advantages of buying online is convenience.

Do you want to put a road block on the home straight of the convenience highway?

This is exactly what you do when you force a customer to go off-line, find an envelope, address it, get a stamp, write a cheque (or even worse, buy a money order) and finally have to go and post the thing. Poor fellow!

And with a credit card in his pocket all the time!

It reminds me of my local bank when they extended their opening hours until 6pm every evening. “What a good idea!” I thought “much more convenient” – until I went at 5.30pm one day! I can’t remember now what it was I wanted to do …

… but I remember what it wasn’t!

It wasn’t to make a deposit – and this, as I was informed by the supervisor, was all that could be done in the extended hours.

What’s the point in that? I can deposit in an ATM machine at anytime! Great idea, ruined by incomplete implementation.

Is your Web Site ruined by incomplete implementation too?

“I just had to get it… it’s got… and can…”

There’s another big, BIG reason to offer the convenience of online payment …

… people buy on impulse!

Not all the time in every situation, granted. But in most! Enough to make it very important to you! Most people think that we buy according to factual information, what the item costs, what it can do, etc.

Not so!

Purchases are generally based on our emotions, we use facts to justify the purchase to ourselves (and others!).

I’ve read your great copy, you’ve successfully roused my emotions, I’m excited about your product

… I want to buy!

If all I need to do to get the object of my desire immediately winging it’s way to me is type my credit card number and a few other details …

… I’ll do it!

But alas, you don’t offer online ordering.

Nevermind, I’ve made a note of the details and I’ll sort it out later …

Unfortunately for you, later on my enthusiasm has begun to fade a little. I’ve started to cool down. I’m getting less and less excited the longer I’m away from your copy.

That evening I happen to mention it to my wife. She raises an innocent objection … you’re not around to answer it. I decide she’s probably right, or maybe to look at other alternatives first.

You’ve lost the sale you had!

This is just one of hundreds of other possible scenarios that can lead to you loosing a sale you would have got, if only the customer had been able to pay online!

Many more aspects of your Site directly effect your sales conversion rate than you probably realize. All to often we create obstacles to our own success by designing Web Sites that are not focused on getting the sale.

Whether you’re giving things away, promoting items in affiliate programs, or selling your own products, you must “make the sale”. You have to get the visitor to take action, to make a request.

It’s useless having 100,000 visitors a day, but only being able to get 10 to take positive action!

One of the few places I have found to date that makes any serious attempt to address this issue is Ken Evoy’s site, where there is an excellent free ezine entirely devoted to the subject. You can sign up for it at:

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