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How to Easily Track Click Thrus from Your Ad Campaigns

If you are paying for online advertising in any form, you need to know that you’re getting results. So before you place your next ezine ad, let’s talk about tracking. There are many different situations where you may want to track clicks such as signature lines, banners, articles, ad swaps and text ads.

By coding your url’s with some kind of software or an online third party service, you’ll know at a glance just how many hits you’ve received from your latest venture. It’s really not as hard as it sounds and there are many free services you can use that won’t cost you a dime. Let’s take a closer look at a few of them.

1) HyperTracker
Offering two versions, a free and a paid service coined “Professional,” it’s simple to sign up and start using. The Pro version runs $10.95 a month and allows you to not only track clicks, but actual sales – plus you can use your own domain in the coded links. The free option is simply a stripped down version – minus the advanced features and counting only clicks. Complete reports can be mailed to you weekly or daily; your call.

2) StatCruncher
Offering a 30 day free trial with no software to install, as this is a third party solution. If after 30 days you like it and decide to continue on, it will cost you only $49.00 a year with no additional monthly fees.

3) LinkCounter
Another third party service totally free that will mail you a daily report of all activity on your links. You simply assign a different coded link for each url you’ll be using. If you have more than one domain you’ll need to set up a separate account for each one.

4) Adtrackz
This is an actual CGI script you purchase for $47.00 and install on your own server. It only runs on Unix servers (so it’s not an option if you’re using Windows NT). It gives you one click stat reporting all in one place. Each campaign shows you the referring url, what browsers your visitors used, hits per hour, per day and more. Try it 30 days risk free.

5) ProLinkz
This is another CGI Perl script that you install on your own server. For Unix only; running $45.00 but for an additional fee they’ll install it for you. Allows you to use your own domain in the coded links.

By taking advantage of the above tools you’ll be able to tell at a glance which ads were a good buy and just how much activity your links are getting. These services and scripts allow you to make the most of your advertising dollars so you know what’s working and what’s not.

So stop throwing good money after bad by implementing a link tracking system today, you’ll make more informed advertising decisions tomorrow.

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