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Put A Friendly Face On Your Sales Proposition

Picture yourself walking into the local bookstore. You find a title you like, proceed to the sales counter, and notice that the clerk is hiding behind the cash register. Without ever seeing their face they run your credit card, place your purchase in a bag, and send you on your way.

Would you return to purchase your next book there?

Probably not. We like to be face to face when making our purchases. Seems to make us comfortable to actually see the face of the person taking our money.

Unfortunately, online we can’t process sales face to face with our customer. But there are some ways to ease the transaction for potential customers into the online marketplace.

If a customer wants to see a face, then put a picture on your site. It gives the potential customer a picture of who it is that’s taking their money. I know it helps me to be able to put a face to the words in a sales letter I’m reading.

In creating our friendly sales letter, we want to come as close as possible to representing the guy at the corner hardware store. We buy from him because he has a gentle smile. We know about his son that’s trying out for track next week. Through meeting him we’ve learned that he plans to retire one day soon and travel the country with his wife in their motor home. These tidbits make us like him and bring our business to his store.

So how can you make your online experience like that of the hardware store?

While a picture creates an image, it’s very two dimensional. We need to fill it out a little with flesh and bone.

In your sales letter, incorporate anecdotes that you might share with a friend or customer that came into your store. Imagine yourself behind the counter selling your product. What would you say to make small conversation?

You might share with some of your dreams. Of course, I’d probably give some anecdotal information that relates to my product. An example is sharing on a personal level how I developed the product, how it has helped others, etc.

Sharing personal dreams and experiences with a potential customer endears them to you. It makes them feel comfortable to hear that you have the same fears, dreams, and desires as they do. And it creates a real person that they feel they can trust with their money.

Add a friendly face to your sales page, and watch your sales explode and your customers turn into friends.

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