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How to Change Your Apple Watch 9 Face Clock to Digital

The Apple Watch, a versatile tool for many, offers a plethora of face options. Some people love analog, but if you’re a fan of a clean and direct digital readout, you’re in luck. Apple has made it quite straightforward. Let’s guide you through the steps.

Step 1: Wake Your Watch

Lift your wrist to wake your Apple Watch. Ensure it’s on the main watch face screen.

Press firmly on the current watch face to enter the face editing mode. You’ll notice the watch face becomes a bit smaller, and customization options appear.

Step 3: Browse Through Options

Swipe left or right to browse available watch faces. Apple offers several digital faces, such as Modular, Modular Compact, and Numerals Duo.

Step 4: Choose Your Digital Face

Once you find a digital face that appeals to you, tap on it. Some faces have various styles or themes, so you might want to play around.

Step 5: Customize the Details

Many digital faces allow users to customize complications – the small widgets that show info like weather, battery, or activity. Tap on the areas you want to change.

Step 6: Set Your New Face

After selecting and customizing, press the digital crown (the round button on the side of the watch). This action will confirm your choice and set the new face.

Step 7: Enjoy Your Digital Display

Now, whenever you lift your wrist, you’ll see your chosen digital watch face. Easily read the time with a glance.

Why Go Digital?

While the steps above help you transition to a digital face, you might wonder about the benefits.

Clear Readout

For those who want quick time reading without deciphering clock hands, digital is the way to go.

Modern Aesthetic

A digital display offers a modern look that aligns with many tech enthusiasts’ preferences.

Maximize Information

Digital faces, especially Modular ones, allow users to see multiple complications. You get more data with just a peek.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I have multiple watch faces saved? Yes. Apple Watch allows users to save several faces and switch between them with a swipe.

Q: Is there a way to add custom images to my digital watch face? Certainly. Some digital faces, like the Photos face, let you add custom images from your synced photo album.

Q: Can third-party apps offer new digital watch faces? Currently, Apple doesn’t permit third-party watch faces. However, you can add third-party complications to existing Apple faces.

Switching your Apple Watch to a digital face is a simple way to freshen its look and improve readability. With so many customization options, it truly becomes an extension of your style.

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