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MLM? Nah, I’ll Just Get a Second Job

Seems like everyone needs or wants more money these days. I’d say at least half my friends and family work more than one job. Usually, the second or part-time job doesn’t pay as well as the first, but it’s also a less strenuous position. For example, my brother is an accounting manager during the day and delivers newspapers on nights and weekends. He gets to drive

around, have time to himself to think. That’s cool, but where are these jobs going to take him and my other friends in the next few years? My feelings are that most of my friends and family are going to either A) be in pretty much the same financial shape they are now, just be more tired, B) burn out from working so much and quit their part-time job, or C) get laid off or downsized and end up with one or two totally different jobs. In other words, things probably won’t be any better for them a year from now than they are today. Why is this? People usually get part-time jobs to pay off debts, to maintain a standard of living, or to save up for something they want to buy. My neighbor’s working a part-time job right now because he is saving up for his wedding next year, for example. These are all valid reasons for working for more money.

But, these are humans we’re talking about here. People that are influenced by the world around them. The convenient world, you know, where you pay a little more for things because you’re SO busy and it’s SO easy. You pick up dinner instead of fixing it at home, you have someone else wash your car. Speaking of cars, aren’t you putting more miles on that old clunker since you’re working two jobs? Don’t you DESERVE a new car since you’re working SO much? OOPS, there just went the extra money from your part-time job.

Now, let’s take a look at how things might be different if you start a part-time network marketing business instead of taking that part-time job. You take $300 and buy your business starter kit, your first months products, various books and tapes about network marketing, some leads, and maybe a second phone line. You spend about 10 hours a week learning — about the products, the company, the industry. You place
small classified ads and tell people you know that you’ve started a part-time business and invite them to try your products risk free.

In this scenario, you have picked the days and times that you worked. Maybe you work your business after your kids go to bed, or maybe you get up an hour early and do some studying. You still have a life, and you’re doing most of your work from home. Now, the obvious difference between your own network marketing business and a part-time job at this point is that you would have gotten a paycheck with the job by now. But, just stay with me- it gets better.

After 3 months of 10 hours a week, you’re breaking even or maybe even making some profit with your networking business. Now, let’s project out to 12 months from now. You’ve gotten quite a few customers that love your products and order them every month. You’ve even found a few people that want to build a business. Your income is growing every month, and here’s the important thing — your income is growing every month, but you aren’t putting in any more hours each week. Think about this — your business and income from your networking activities are expanding because you now have a team of people working for your success instead of you having to go it alone.

Your customers love you and your products, so they tell their friends, who in turn buy more products. And, don’t these people have friends and family? Your downline believes in you and your company. They are working their 10 or more hours a week each, for their success AND yours. If you have 10 distributors each working their business 10 hours per week, your 10 hours of effort each week just became 110 hours. See how powerful this is? With all of the opportunity for financial and personal growth in a part-time networking business, why would anyone get a part-time job?

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