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What People Talked About on Twitter Most in 2009

Twitter has broken down the top ten trending topics of 2009 for a variety of categories: news events, people, movies, tv shows, sports, and technology, as well as the top ten hashtags used.

“Since it’s the end of the year, we thought it would be interesting to review the topics and issues that captured global attention over the year,” says Twitter Chief Scientist Abdur Chowdhury. “In 2009, Twitter’s Trending Topics helped us understand what was happening around the world showing us that people everywhere can be united in concern around important events; excited about a new movie; or geek-out about a major new technology.”

The following chart shows all of the top ten lists:

Trending Topics on Twitter

“Among all the keywords, hashtags, and phrases that proliferated throughout the year, one topic surfaced repeatedly,” notes Chowdhury. “Twitter users found the Iranian elections the most engaging topic of the year.” The terms #iranelection, Iran and Tehran were all in the top-21 of Trending Topics, and #iranelection finished in a close second behind the regular weekly favorite #musicmonday.”

As Twitter has carved its way into pop culture over the past year more than ever before, the trending topics highlight the collective interests of pop culture in general. The way that Twitter has broken these lists down into categories highlights these interests even further. If you want to be good at future editions of Trivial Pursuit, perhaps you should be following Twitter closely.

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