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Yahoo, Bing Trade Market Share Again

Despite a number of positive developments, Yahoo did not have a very merry November according to the latest statistics from comScore.  In fact, as the company’s share of the search market dropped again, it hit an all-time low, landing at 17.5 percent.

Yes, Yahoo’s share of the search market shrunk from 18.0 percent in October to 17.5 percent in November, which counts as a sizable slip.  Yahoo’s biggest competitors, meanwhile, kept chugging along.

To take it from the top: Google’s lead remains more than safe as the company managed to increase its share from 65.4 percent to 65.6 percent.  At least at this point, there appears to be no stopping the search giant.

Bing logoAlso, in a pound-for-pound sense, third-place Bing made some even more impressive gains.  Bing passed the 10.0 percent mark (from 9.9 percent in October) to wind up with a market share of 10.3 percent.  This represents a two-year high for Microsoft (and possibly makes a partnership with Yahoo look much less appealing).

Finally, if you’re curious, November wasn’t a good month for the little guys, as Ask and AOL both lost 0.1 percent of market share on a month-over-month basis.

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